It's the end of the year. We're slowly winding down from 2017, leaving the past behind us, and looking forward to 2018, and all that New Year's has to bring us. BUT WAIT! We still have some burning questions. Questions that need answers. I don't know if I can sing Auld Lang Syne until I know what happened here...

Marriage Billboards
Ben Braun

Is there a wedding in the future? Or was this just a creepy stalker? And if it is a wedding, do they need an officiant? I'm ordained, I can do it. And we've got our Bridal Expos coming up if you need stuff for the wedding. WHAT HAPPENED TO SCHLIPMAN?!

Vicious Donkey
Jeff Asmussen

I don't want that roaming the woods. It's like a bad Halloween movie.

Cop on Top
Townsquare Media Photo

Some say he's still up there to this day.

Brothers Osborne
Courtesy Tim Smith

Was it fixed and taken to them in Nashville? Or are the Brothers Osborne hermit crabs, shedding one bus and moving into a new one?

Jimmy John's Delivery Map
Jimmy John's

The boundaries of their delivery areas border each other, so we should probably figure this out with science. But that's A LOT of work.

The 51st Annual CMA Awards - Show
Getty Images

We feel bad for completely underestimating Friend of the Show Jon Pardi at this year's CMA awards.

7 - Who the hell is Dave and why am I spending so much time in his basement?!

Beer and pizza

First the Super Bowl! Then St. Patrick's Day! For some reason, Mother's Day! Lastly, a heatwave! ALL SPENT IN DAVE'S BASEMENT! WHO IS HE?! I'M SO IN THE WEEDS WITH DAVE'S BASEMENT!

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