If you happen to find yourself meandering through the woods of Pike County, you might want to proceed with caution.

Beyond a perimeter of rusted barbed wire lay this spray-painted plywood sign which warns passersby of a “vicious donkey” on the premises.

The image was photographed in Kinderhook by our friend Jeff (Asmussen) and submitted by our other friend Jeff (“Doc” Holliday) to our own Jeff (Dorsey)…we know a lot of Jeffs. And I feel it is our duty to share it with the world; Jeffs and non-Jeffs alike!

You’ve been warned. We aren't dealing with a friendly, waffle-making Shrek donkey here. This is not a nice ass. This is a bad ass. And it’s no dumb ass either. It’s clearly a wise ass. So if you find your ass in the area, I suggest you haul ass out of it.


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