We're starring down the barrel of a days long heatwave, and you're going to need to beat the heat somehow. These are the best places to stay cool.

5 - The Movie Theatre


The reason they're so cool is they're well insulated, and and cost a fortune to heat, so just a bit of cool air in, and it's nice and chilly. Most movies are clocking in at two hours, so if you show up a bit early, including trailers and sitting through the credits, there's two and a half hours out of the heat right away.

4 - The Walk-In Freezer at a Liquor Store

Minnesota Government Shutdown Enter Its Second Week
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Go in like you're gonna buy something, browse around, head into the large walk-in freezer and just chill (pun intended). You can't linger forever, but really take your time, maybe occasionally pick up a case and examine it. Do so on the way out. Then just walk out. If they question you, just say "I still haven't found what I'm looking for." Bonus tip: I haven't seen either of the new Game of Thrones beers here yet (as of last week), so you can say you were looking for that.

3 - Dave's Basement

Beer and pizza

It's subterranean, and he's got a fully stocked mini-fridge. What more do you need.

2 - The Library

Quincy Public Library
Kurt Parsons

Because you haven't read for fun since you were kid, all that homework in high school & college kinda killed it for you. So this works double. Cool down, and read a book.

1 - Superman's Fortress of Solitude

It's kind of a trek, being located in the Arctic, but it's a good way to stay frosty.

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