It's almost Mother's Day, and you've gotta do something special for her. Now, I'm not a mother, as I am male. Nor do I have kids. So I turned to my friends on Facebook, many of whom are mothers, to find out what mothers want for Mother's Day. Literally every other post from a mother was a meme about drinking or needing wine. Armed with this knowledge, I have compiled a list of places to get a glass of wine with your mom. Or mother. Or mum, if you're reading this in Jolly Olde England.

Spirit Knob Winery

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This is a no-brainer, because Wine is in the name of it. They open up at 1pm on Sunday, so you can go out to a restaurant, get your brunch on, because everyone loves eggs Benedict, and then head out to get your wine on at Spirit Knob. Now I don't know much about wine, but looking at their website, I must say they have quite the impressive collection of reds and whites. And... greens? Is that a wine thing? I mean, wine comes from grapes. There are green grapes. So yeah... green wine.


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Revelry is a favorite (or favourite, for our readers across the pond) of mine. Real classy place, excellent selection of wine. But let's say your mom's a wine drinker (as my research into internet memes has proven she is), but you're not. You're more of a craft beer drinker. Revelry has you covered. And maybe you can get your mom off the wine and over to the dark side of craft beer.

Dave's Basement


If you don't want to miss out on a great brunch, but still chill with Dave, he picked up a bulk case of breakfast Hot Pockets he's gonna nuke! His mom's coming down from upstairs in the rest of the house that she actually owns to join him for Sunny D Mimosas. Champagne is just sparkling wine. So boom goes the dynamite, you're all set! Dave's got you covered, man!

Martinis at 515

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Again, going for the class factor on Martinis at 515, but this is more if you need something a little stronger than wine. Like gin, vodka, and whatever else they put into their special and awesome martini recipes. And they probably have wine. Don't quote me on that, because I always head straight for the martini menu when I get there. They could serve Flaming Moes for all I know. But I don't. Because it's not a martini.

Mark Twain Brewery

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You didn't think I was gonna leave out Hannibal, did you? Seriously, Mark Twain Brewing Company has their own beer. I know I'm straying away from the thesis statement of "Moms Want Wine," and this will hurt my chance of getting the Ph.D., but beer changed the world (historical fact, there's a documentary, look it up). So to deny your mother some delicious locally brewed beer on Mother's Day? What kind of child are you? SHE CARRIED YOU FOR NINE MONTHS AND YOU CAN'T EVEN GET HER A BEER?! A pox upon thee!


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Within the past few weeks, Boodalu has updated their wine selection for spring. They're even offering a really nice Mother's Day buffet from 11am-2:30pm. So you can take her out for an exquisite meal, AND get her that wine the Minions Meme she shared on Facebook the other day stated she deserved. And they have fantastic views of the river and the bridge.