You don't want to sit at home, drinking Guinness by yourself and watching Boondock Saints for the 800th time, do you?! OF COURSE NOT! You, much like the Little Mermaid, want to be where the people are. And again, much like the Little Mermaid, grow your legs and walk to these places, because no one likes a drunk driver. Here are the best places to spend St. Patrick's Day 2017!

1 - Ireland

Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

This option is more for people who stand to inherit $20 million, but only if they spend $3000 by St. Patrick's Day... because their life is a wacky sitcom. But flights to Dublin out of St. Louis are $2489 if you leave today so there's one option for you.

2 - O'Griffs

Brodie Woodward, Townsquare Media

I actually spent my lunch at O'Griff's after the St. Patrick's Parade this past weekend, and it was delicious. The Irish band that had a float in the parade was there, and held an impromptu jam session while we ate and drank. It was good times. And guess what. They'll have an Irish band on hand for St. Patrick's Day! So go, have fun, enjoy some great tunes.

3 - Kelly's

Ben Braun

They're gonna be rockin' some great Irish food, some great Irish drinks, and I have it on very good authority that a bagpiper will be in attendance for some entertainment. You'll want to make sure you go to to Kelly's!

4 - Dave's Basement


Dave said he makes a killer corned beef & cabbage, so there's that. But I don't know if that means it's really good, or really bad. You never quite know with Dave. He prefers Smithwicks, so that's what he's stocking the mini-fridge with. It's a great beer, don't get me wrong, but if you want Guinness, you'll need to bring your own.

5 - Sammy O'Sullivans

Brodie Woodward

Sammy O'Sullivan's is getting the party started before I even get my morning show started. You can head over at 5am for Kegs & Eggs! And the party goes straight on till midnight, so if you've got the day off, you could party with the folks at Sammy's all day long!

6 - Revelry

Ben Braun

There are two great reasons to stop by Revelry on St. Patrick's Day. A) it's a stop on The District's Pub Crawl; B) It's a stop on the Quincy Art Center's Art Crawl. So a double bonus! Great drinks, great art, and great company going on at Revelry this Friday night. And as a many time guest of Revelry, I must say their beer selection is fantastic.

7 - Tilted Kilt

Brodie Woodward

Sure it's Scottish themed, but Scots, Irish, both are Gaelic! And we're all out and about to have fun, so what's the harm? Great food, good brews, and amazing views.... OF THE RIVER!