The Winter Olympics are about to start and we all have our favorite sport we like to cheer for, but what do other Illinoisans and Missourians cheery for?

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Whether it's figure skating, curling, ski jumping, or bobsledding, everyone seems to have one particular sport that they cheer for during the Winter Olympics. Personally, I love figure skating and snowboarding. There is just something about flying in the air and spinning and landing impossible jumps that I love. And according to, the rest of Illinois & Missouri loves figure skating too.

Overall, figure skating is the most popular event people watch, followed by the luge, ice hockey, and curling.

I have always wondered too, how much does it take to be the host city of the Olympics? Wallethub reports that it will cost Beijing over $3 billion to host the Olympics this year. It is also the first time that a city has hosted twice. Beijing hosted the Summer Olympics back in 2008. The USA will have 223 athletes competing in WInter Olmpynics (more than any other country). There is also a new mascot for the Olympics this year Bing Dwen Dwen the panda. I am sure you going to see that panda everywhere in the next few weeks.

So no matter what sport you are excited to watch, and what athlete you are cheering on it's going to be another exciting Olympics. Go TEAM USA!!!

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