Mother's Day is just around the corner and if you want to do something really special for your mom you should take her to this city in the land of Lincoln, here is what the experts had to say...

According to an article from, Chicago, Illinois is the 3rd best place to take your mom for Mother's Day in the US this year. Chicago ranks behind Atlanta at number 1 and California at number 2 (no city in particular they just list California as a whole), and Chicago ranks ahead of Florida, New York City, New Orleans, and more.

What about Chicago makes it a premier Mother's Day destination? On the site, they say "If visiting here with your mom, stay at The Blackstone to get a high-quality experience!... Shopping at the Magnificent Mile is another fantastic option for your Mother's Day celebration...why not check out a local legend and book a visit to Second City? This comedy group has produced some of the biggest names in the entertainment world, which makes it a must-stop if you have a mom who loves to laugh!" To read more about why Chicago is the 3rd best Mother's Day destination in the US this year, click here!

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Nailed it

They 1000% got this right. There are so many great food spots for a Mother's Day brunch, lunch, dinner, or whatever. Plus you can take mom shopping, to a show, on a boat cruise, or even to a world-class museum if that is more her style. Don't forget Chicago as a Father's Day spot too with a baseball game, and plenty of places to get a beer!

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