My family and I try to go to a zoo every year. Whether it's in Missouri or Illinois, but in figuring out which one to visit this summer I found one Illinois zoo that has more than just also has ghosts.

The Lincoln Park Zoo is amazing. Set right in the center of Chicago, and home to some of the most amazing animals in the world, but before it was a zoo did you know that there used to be a cemetery located there?

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The Old Chicago City Cemetery

Yup, according to Love Exploring, the cemetery was once there back in the mid-19th century and had an estimated 35,000 graves. Now, the cemetery was moved to make way for the zoo, but there have been reports that not all of the bodies were moved and some remain to this day.

With that, people who have visited the zoo, especially at night, have seen some paranormal activity. I would imagine there would be some paranormal activity if the stories are true and some bodies remain at that site.

The Old Chicago City Cemetery was later named Lincoln Park after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, and the graves were moved to more distant cemeteries to make way for the zoo. If you ever want to know more about this part of Illinois history, there is a walking tour that you can take that goes deeper into the park's history.

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