The number of people that have a landline phone here in the Land of Lincoln will shock you...

According to a recent article from Axios, 3 MILLION adults still have landline phones here in the Land of Lincoln...You might as well rename the state the Land of Landlines! Illinois has a population of just over 12 million which means 1 in 4 people have a landline...WHAT?!?!

In the article, they say "More than 3 million people in Illinois still have landlines, which is the same number of people nationwide who have no phone at all." The article goes on to mention that only 1% of people solely have a landline phone and no cellphone, that number was 40% back in 2002, for more stats and information on landlines in Illinois, click here!

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I really hope there are people who read this article who still have a landline phone and comment in the comment section as to why they still have a landline. My guess is that it is older people who still need the landline to communicate with other older people, or people who work from home, and talking on a landline is easier when you are on a conference call and don't want to worry about the strength of your signal. But beyond that, I can't think of why someone would still have a landline. To be honest, I can't remember the last house I went into and even SAW a landline, who are these 3 million people in Illinois that have one?

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