It's been nearly 30 years since I first laid eyes on a computer.The computer was a Commodore 64. A friend of mine's brother who was in college had it. He thought it was a masterpiece. I just wondered if it would allow me to play a good game of "Pong."

In the radio business, we had these huge contraptions that were "semi-computers." True, they were almost as big as a tractor trailer, and were not all that great, but it sure was better than doing things the "old way;" until it stopped working that is.

We have a computer here at work, that we refer to as the "abacus one thousand," because it's so slow. It's kind of funny, but a few years back, this thing was able to complete almost every task we asked of it.  Some days, I wonder if it would serve better as a boat anchor.

This brings me to my point. As computers have improved, we have improved as well. It's no secret that everyone seems to be doing more with fewer people.  Our skills improve to some degree as the technology gets sharper. Not certain if I like that process, but as the computers become faster, it allows us to complete more work, and generally get it done more accurately.

Although, don't hold me to that, especially on Mondays.

Now, will someone please get this computer replaced?




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