Life is full of little annoyances. Like perfectly good money being spent on things like a study to find out what the most common annoyances are. I'm not annoyed that it gives me something to blog about though.

#*@% computers!
Franco Origlia, Getty Images

According to this very scientific and official study, here are the top 9 annoyances in our daily lives.

1. A slow computer. One in three people have yelled at their computer and 6% say they have resorted to hitting theirs.

2. People who leave their clothes on the floor

3. A sink full of dirty dishes

4. Leaky faucets

5. Leaving the toilet seat in the wrong position

6. Your significant other. 'Nuff said.

7. Neighbors

8. Children

9. Pets

You know what annoys me? Top lists that don't include a 10th thing. Having to ask for ketchup in a fast food drive-through. Other drivers being on the road at the same time as me. I don't mean their bad driving, I just mean them being there at all. :) People who can't return texts. Getting up for work at 4am. This blog.


What annoys you?


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