Here I am goofing off at work. That picture above is where I'm sitting as I write this and as you can see, Facebook is my method of choice.

I imagine in this day and age, Facebook is the top choice for a lot of people. Other social media like Twitter would be high on the list, too. Sports websites, celebrity news sites, YouTube, probably even some actual news sites are probably in most people's "favorites." My point is, computers have done a lot to increase productivity in the work place, but maybe just as much to increase one's ability to goof off effectively.

Good goofing off can be an art form. If you're using your computer to accomplish it, then you've no doubt gotten good at keeping a large number of windows open and minimized. You always have to know where your favorite goof off tab is but even more importantly, know where and have quick access to the tab with your TPS reports or Excel spreadsheet so you can click back quickly when the boss comes around. The more tabs you have open, the easier it is to hide the one you actually care about. That in turn makes it harder for the boss to spot the guilty pleasure site among them.

Before computers came into every day use we had to do things like "disappear" into the back storage room or doodle at our desk or simply space out. Thankfully the thing so many of do our work on is also such an amazing portal to quality goof off time.

Do you any creative methods for goofing off?

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