First, let me start by saying I truly LOVE my job. I get to be on the radio every day and entertain all of you with news, gossip, and (of course) music. But believe it or not, I don't just sit around and play music all day. Is your mind blown yet?

There's actually a lot more to this job that you're not going to learn in a classroom or from a Youtube video. Here are just a few the things that no one tells you about being in the radio business...

You're Gonna Have to Use Math

Math is used to figure of rotations of songs. For example, one category might have five songs in it. If that category plays twice an hour, 24 hours a day you will have a 2 or 2 1/2 hour separation of songs. I got into radio thinking I wouldn't have to use math ever again...if only I had known how wrong I would be.

People Are Going to Get You Confused With Someone On the Other Station

This happens ALL THE TIME. We know you don't ALWAYS listen to our stations, so it's forgivable that you might get us mixed up with someone down the street. It happens. But when we insist that we are, in fact, not who you think we are, you're just gonna have to take our words for it. "Nah, you're DEFINITELY such and such from such and such station." Nope, sorry. The look on people's faces they finally believe you...priceless.

We Don't Have Unlimited Free Concert Tickets (So We Can't Hook You Up)

I WISH, if I want tickets to a big show, I have to purchase them just like you. And the few tickets we do get are for the station only, and no, I cannot pick your name as the winner.

You Don't Get To Play Your Favorite Music

The songs that are played on this station and every other station in the country are all based on song charts. If a song is popular you will hear it ALL THE TIME. Trust me, if I could play what I really wanted to play ALL of the time, you'd be hearing a lot more '90s R&B.

"Traffic" Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

When we say "traffic", we're not talking about road conditions or work commutes. "Traffic" refers to orders for commercials. Likewise, our in-house "traffic director" does not stand in the street with a whistle and a stop sign.

You're Not A "DJ"

You're a radio broadcaster. Yes, there is a difference. A DJ is someone who plays music at a wedding or party. A Radio Broadcaster is a profession where you entertain and speak to a massive audience.

It's Definitely Not Just Sitting and Playing Music All Day

As a radio broadcaster, yes we play music. But we also write imaging, write blogs, make videos, come up with promotions to engage the listener, voice and produce commercials, and update our stations' social media profiles, and traveling all over the area. Some days I WISH I could just sit and play music.

Radio is such an amazing field to be in, and yet it can be really hard and really frustrating at times. In any case, I get to do what I love every day. I get to meet all of you when I do remotes, I get to hook you up with awesome prizes, and I get to entertain you every single day. Even if it's not what I thought it would be when I first started, I wouldn't change anything about it!

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