Here's something that came up as a topic of conversation around the radio station. How do you prefer to program the preset buttons on your car radio? Do you rank them by station? Favorite station first, then second-favorite (and so on), or do you set the buttons in numerical order? If you're a number person, do you go highest to lowest, or lowest to highest? Or are you one of those people that couldn't figure out how to program a preset dial if your life depended on it?


I almost always set my presets based on dial position, lowest to highest from left to right. Occasionally I'll get tired of my presets and will start adding new stations over top of old ones, but eventually I will get around to rearranging everything so that they are in that order. If I don't, it drives me nuts.

What about you? What's your preferred way to organize your presets? Or do you not organize them at all?

If you are the type of person that has trouble programming your radio, we might have a tip for you. Obviously we can't speak for every single make/model of car and every single type of car stereo system, but typically programming a preset button is very simple. When you are on the station that you would like to save, simply hold down the preset button for a few seconds. Sometimes you'll hear a beep after the station has been set; sometimes the screen flashes. After the beep/flash, release and your preferred station should be programmed to that button.

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