I was asked by Mr. Crivilare at Payson-Seymour High School to talk to his speech class about the many aspects of radio commercials: research, writing, and producing.

I love doing this kind of stuff. After 23 years in the business, I'm still in love with radio, and I love to share that with anybody that is willing to listen.

We discussed the process of a client needs analysis, how to write a commercial, and the steps it takes in producing the commercial. I also told them about other aspects of a radio station: traffic, sales, production, promotion, etc.

If you are an educator and you would like someone to come and talk about the media business to your students, I am more than willing to come in and talk to your class free of charge. We even offer tours of the radio station to school classes. Just give me a call or send me an email to make arrangements. 217-223-5292 or michael@979kickfm.com.