You're darn right I'm gonna taco-bout tacos again (get it? GET IT?! TACOS! TACO-BOUT! Yeah, you got it.) About a month ago we caught wind of a new taco place opening up in the old Roly Poly location on Broadway called Taco Sink.... wait, scratch that, Tacos Ink. It's not a sink full of tacos. The wind smelled of carne asada and guacamole, in case you're wondering. Then LAST week we caught even more wind, this time smelling of jalapeños and margaritas, that Tacos Ink would be opening this Wednesday. Then we caught yet a third wind, pork barbacoa and pico de gallo this time, that we'd be able to check them out in a private pre-opening event, find out if their tacos are up to Brodie & Crew standards.

And let me tell you, for their first night, still going through some growing pains of figuring out the menu and staffing and all that (normal first night at a restaurant stuff you can't hold against them, so I certainly won't), that was a damn tasty taco. I had the beef barbacoa taco with pico and guac on a corn tortilla. It was so good. But I kinda wish I had ordered it with the pork carnitas, because I had that on my burrito, and oh damn that was a delicious gigantic burrito. The meat and whatever marinade they used to flavor it was top notch.

The one complaint I had, and I mentioned this to the owner, Mr. Kenneth Reiffer who also runs Riverside Smokehouse, was that they need to kick up the spiciness a bit. Granted I'm the kind of guy who'd put hot sauce on a raw jalapeño. I like things spicy. But the queso dip was a little too mild for my taste. But again, it was literally their first night making food for people, and I think once they settle into their groove, and fine tune their recipes and menu, this will be a good go-to place for tacos, burritos, and churros. OH! I didn't mention the churros. You get like a little bowl of about six, five inch long churro sticks. So good. Ours were hot, fresh out of the oven. Get the churros.

Ben joined me for a night at Tacos Ink, here's what he had to say: "I ordered a shrimp taco and a pork taco on corn tortillas. Both were loaded up and delicious (slight edge to the pork taco). We ordered some chips and queso and swiped a couple of Alta's churro bites. Those frozen margaritas looked pretty tasty too (maybe next time)."

Even Michael Rose stopped by for some tacos, too: "I got a chance to enjoy the sautéed shrimp tacos and the beer battered fish tacos at Taco Ink. Absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend topping them with corn, pico, cilantro, a squirt of lime, and their rémoulade. The flavors are incredible. You must have a margarita with your tacos. It’s a great pairing."

So, much like SNL and David S. Pumpkins, we are all in on Tacos Ink. Lunch or dinner, this'll be a good place for tacos and burritos. And a fine selection of Mexican beers. I enjoyed a Pacifico with my dinner. We took some snap shots of the opening night event, check them out in our gallery below.


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