My love of tacos is well documented. Seriously, just go up to that search bar at the top of the page and type "tacos." A significant amount of the taco related content on this site is generated by me. Because tacos are delicious. It's a scientific fact, and I'll be submitting all my posts about it to the Nobel Prize committee and then I'll be a Nobel Laureate. A Nobel Laureate in Tacos.

All that said, earlier this week, we ran a thing on our Facebook asking for who you thought was the best taco in town. You know, it was, Thumbs Up for This Place, Wow Face the other place. That sort of thing. And we got an interesting comment that piqued our interest. It was of a skull with the words Tacos Ink on it. We figured it was either a new taco place, or a tattoo parlor that exclusively tattoos tacos. As the latter isn't really a sustainable business model, we determined it had to be the former. A conclusion Michael, and a subsequent Facebook search, was able to confirm.

Roly Poly Location
Ben Braun

Tacos Ink is a new taco spot opening in the old Roly Poly store front in the strip mall at 18th and Broadway, which has sat empty for almost two years. A comment by the official page suggests the store is set to open sometime in the first half of November. We will bring more updates as they come, and will most likely do a taste-test video. The Facebook page says it's a "fun and upbeat fast casual build your own burrito, quesadilla and taco bar in the heart of Quincy." So like a Build-a-Bear, but better because it's tacos and cheaper.

What's perfect is Taco's Ink is halfway between work and home for me, and also near a liquor store and the video store. Movies, booze and tacos. Everything a growing Brodie needs....

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