Saturday at Quincy Brewing Company is Beer and Taco Day! You don't want to miss this!

It's is always lovely when you are sitting at work on a Wednesday (as I am now) and you are thinking about what kinda fun you want to have on the weekend, and out of nowhere you are hit with a can't miss event combining your two favorite things Tacos and Beer!

More specifically Quincy Brewing Company beer and tacos from Sandra's Authentic Mexican Food! That's right all day this Saturday (August 1st, crazy how it's already August right?!?!) Quincy Brewing Company is hosting Sandra's Authentic Mexican Food Truck, on the Facebook event they say...

"It's happening! Sandra's Authentic Mexican is coming to the brewery August 1st! You'll find this amazing food truck here ALL day Saturday while we're open. Mark your calendar; you're not going to want to miss!!!"

The event says it is scheduled from 1 pm until 11 pm, which is perfect because that means I can eat lunch and dinner there! To see the Facebook event for yourself click here!

I really can't wait to sit outside, enjoy the fresh air, a Bayview Blonde Beer, and scarf down some of the best tacos in the Tri-States this Saturday. I really hope that Quincy Brewing Company can do this more often with not only Sandra's but other food trucks as well. If you seen me out there at Quincy Brewing Company this Saturday don't be a stranger come on up and say hi! And if you want to buy me a Bayview Blonde I wont say no!

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