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Why The 4th of July Is My Favorite Holiday
In preparation for America's birthday this weekend, what is your go-to food or drink you have to have? BBQ? A signature cocktail? Maybe a dessert you only have on the 4th?What are you most looking forward to?
Are You A 'Quincy Foodie'? Take Our Quiz!
A while back, Buzzfeed published a quiz called "If You've Eaten 22/30 of These Foods Then You're A True '90s Kid". It had quite a few things I remember from the decade (Dunkaroos, French Toast Crunch, purple ketchup) and plenty that are still around.
Hannibal Favorite Reopens
Finally! We can now hang out at Hannibal's most popular hang-out spot. Java Jive is now fully open for dine-in after months of quarantine. The Main Street coffee shop, bakery and deli has been offering curbside service, but the dining area has been closed. Today, Java Jive opened its doors a…
Which Local Restaurants Should Guy Fieri Visit?
I love to try out local restaurants when I travel (we all know what we get when we visit a chain restaurant). And when we're not traveling, I love seeing what other towns have to offer by tuning into the Travel Channel or Food Network. So I decided to see what area restaurants have been feature…

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