Last year, Sam, Ben and I excitedly brought you info about the local taco truck Lonchera Arandas. They were even featured in our recent Taco Bracket Challenge, where they made it to the Fiesta Four. Now that the competition is over, I don't mind telling you they were my personal favorite to win, and I think they had Sam's vote, too.

In late February they shut down to remodel the truck, presumably to add more taco stations, and a deeper guacamole bin. A week later they posted to their Facebook page they were looking for a new location to park their truck, as apparently their lease had run out at the 18th & Broadway location.

The comment section was flooded with "Come to my lot at 11th & Maine!" "Come to my lot at 65th & Broadway!" "Park in my driveway!" "Set up in my apartment!" That last one might have been me. It was me. It was definitely me. But after a month of searching, they finally have a set location.

According to a late night Facebook post, starting tomorrow, April 6th, Lonchera Arandas will open their do- nope, windows, they will be opening their windows in the old K-Mart parking lot** at 3701 Broadway. It's a bit further away from our studios than the old location, but I'm willing to make that 1.83 kilometre trek. Actually, I'll just take the 1.13 mile route, it's much shorter. But this will make the perfect lunch destination for summer once Gengenbacher's Shaved Ice Shack (also in the old K-Mart parking lot**) opens for the season.

**UPDATE: I have just been informed that the K-Mart is actually still open. So it's not "the OLD K-Mart parking lot" as previously stated. It's just the regular K-Mart parking lot.

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