A website ranked the Best Cities in the US to survive a Zombie Apocalypse and one city from Missouri makes the top 10 and it's not St. Louis or Kansas City! Read about which city can keep you safe in Missouri from zombies and find out what other cities made the list here!

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According to the website lawnlove.com, Springfield, Missouri is the 7th best city in the United States for surviving a Zombie Apocalypse! Springfield finishes 7th behind Orlando in first followed by Salt Lake City, Honolulu, Portland OR, Colorado Springs, and Tampa.

So what makes Springfield so special when you're trying to survive a hoard of zombies? Well, the site ranks the cities in a number of different categories, and Springfield gets ranked 3rd best for supplies and 3rd best for protection.  In fact, the only category that Springfield doesn't do well in according to their ranking is Mobility, and that is because Springfield is very landlocked. To see the full list of cities best for surviving a Zombie Apocalypse just click here! 

Some other towns not too far from us in the Tri-States showed up on this list too Des Moines comes in 22nd, Kansas City 53rd, and St. Louis 54. I will say that I think the Quincy/Hannibal area is really a good area for surviving a zombie apocalypse, because we have lots of wide open space to drive, not too many people, lots of weapons and supplies, and we have the Mississippi River to keep us safe as we all know zombies hate water!

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