It's finally here. The day we've all been waiting for. The official grand opening of the world's largest convenience store in Missouri.

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Mark your calendars for Monday, December 11, which is when the first Buc-ee's in Missouri will officially be open. The 53,000 square foot store will open at 6 am sharp with grand opening events throughout the day.

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The first Missouri Buc-ee's will be located in Springfield Missouri and offer 120 fueling stations, the famous Texas barbeque, homemade fudge, Beaver nuggets, and other delicious food items. Springfield was chosen as a location for the first Buc-ee's due to its rich Route 66 historical and historical nature.

“Springfield is rich with history that attracts travelers from all across the country and we are honored to be opening our first store in the birthplace of Route 66!” said Stan Beard of Buc-ee’s. “We are thrilled to bring Buc-ee’s to the community and treat our road-trippers to the hospitality that Missouri is known for.”

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Much like the other Bucc-ee's in the nation, this one will also have thousands of snacks, meal and drink options, and the cleanest bathrooms (which is what Buc-ee's is known for). There will be events throughout the day and the major even cutting the ribbon on the new travel center. So you don't have to travel to Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, or Tennessee to visit a Buc-ee's.

It was announced in 2019 that Buc-ee's would be expanding outside of Texas (where there are 34 stores) and will be adding Virginia in 2024.

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