If you have a craving for an out-of-this-world chocolate chip cookie you're in luck! Illinois is home to 3 of the BEST chocolate chip cookies in the US according to the experts at Yelp, here is where you can find them...

The elites at Yelp released a list of the Top 100 Chocolate Chip Cookies. and three of the cookies are located here in the Land of Lincoln! The highest-ranking chocolate chip cookie in Illinois on the list is the one at 3 Arts Club Cafe in Chicago, it landed at number 27 on the list, the other two are at Summer House Santa Monica in Chicago ranked 61st, and Defloured in Chicago at 71st, to see the full list of the top 100 chocolate chip cookies in the US, click here!

3 Arts Club Cafe is located at RH Chicago just north of the downtown in the city, if you want to learn more about the menu they have, and everything else they offer, click here!

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Did they get it right?

Anything food-related is extremely subjective...I lived in Chicago for years and NEVER heard of any of these three places, let alone the cookies on their menus. Does that mean they aren't worthy of being on the list? Absolutely not, but I do think it proves the point that if you asked 100 different food critics to rank the 100 best chocolate chip cookies there may be 5 to 10 places that appear on all 100 lists but beyond that, you'd have a ton of different options. But I also think that speaks to the fact that making a great chocolate chip cookie isn't hard, if you have to find the top 100 perfectly cooked medium rare 32 oz steaks, that list would be less subjective, make sense?

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