March is Women's History Month and if you are looking to support a restaurant owned by a woman to celebrate Women's History Month, you need to check out this spot in Illinois that Yelp says is one of the best!

Yelp released a list called 25 Hot & New Women-Owned Restaurants in 2024 to celebrate Women's History Month, and one of the restaurants on the list is located right here in the Land of Lincoln! The place is called The Corned Beef Hideout in Romeoville, Illinois.

The Corned Beef Hideout ranks 20th on Yelp's list, and if you don't know, Romeoville is located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. What makes The Corned Beef Hideout so special? On Yelp, they say "Home of the "Two Faced" (corned beef & pastrami) sandwich, but the most popular crew member is our signature sandwich "That Jerk" (jerked infused corned beef w/ a mouthwatering jerk sauce) that won't disappoint." For more information on The Corned Beef Hideout, click here! 

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I have never been to The Corned Beef Hideout but I have moved it to the top of my MUST TRY restaurant list. Why? The menu, is loaded with items I want to sink my teeth into like The Turk, Two Faced, That Jerk, the Macaroni Salad, and of course the Beignet Bites, to see the full menu for yourself, click here! Eating at a women-owned restaurant during Women's History Month is a great way to show your support, and I have a feeling once I eat here I will be visiting this place a lot...

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