It's International Waffle Day on March 25th, and apparently, Illinois is home to one of the best waffles in the entire US, here are the syrupy details...

If you are looking for a terrific waffle to celebrate International Waffle Day, then you need to head to Lou Mitchell's in Chicago, Illinois. The waffles at Lou Mitchell's were just ranked as the 11th best waffles in the US according to Time Out's list of the 16 Best Waffles in America. 

What makes the waffles at Lou Mitchell's so special? In the article, they say "This storied West Loop diner has been open since 1923 and, over the decades, it has become a beloved Chicago... the way to go is the Belgian-style waffle, golden-brown and made with a malted batter." According to the menu on Lou Mitchell's website, you can get a bacon waffle, a pecan waffle, a mix of the two, or a waffle and wings (aka chicken and waffles), to see the menu for yourself, click here!

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How do you rank waffles?

This is obviously a subjective list, but I will say I have eaten at Lou Mitchell's before (didn't have the waffles) but the food was terrific! Personally, I like waffles over pancakes and french toast, I don't care if it is a hotel waffle, a frozen Eggo waffle, or a Lou Mitchell's waffle, I know I will like it. That being said, I need to check out some of the places on the list from Time Out, because the place they have listed at #2 on the list is called The Waffle Window in Portland and their menu looks like a waffle lover's dream come true!

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