One thing I love to do is go to trivia nights. I've got a weekly night I go to. I'll occasionally hit up the theme nights at the HyVee if it's something I'm particularly good at (Stephen King Trivia coming up on the 23rd). And of course the various charity and fundraising trivia nights throughout the year. But particularly with weekly bar trivia, you'll always meet the same kinds of people at them. They won't all be there the same week. And they won't be there every week. But if you go regularly, within about a month, month and a half, you're bound to run into one of these kinds of people.

Just There To Drink

They know it's trivia night. They're there to play. But really, they're probably only able to get out to the bar once a week due to being a new parent, or job obligations or whatever, so this is their one chance to drink in a social setting. And they go for it.

Takes It Way Too Serious

I'm not gonna say I haven't thrown a challenge flag on an answer. And more often than not, I've been right. But these are the guys, this is the team that live or die on every answer. That hold their breath waiting for the confirmation of the answer. That flip the table if they said Rocky V, but really it was Rocky IV. Granted that's on them for mixing up Rocky IV and V. I mean... Rocky IV is so good. Rocky V is soooooooo so bad.

Team That Thinks Their Name is Hilarious

It's not. It's either a weird inside joke no one gets, it's a poor attempt at humor that just doesn't land.

Group Just Went In For Food But Is Playing Anyway

They just showed up because of the food, not knowing it was trivia night. But they're here. They're sitting in the middle of it all... they might as well play. And son of a bitch, they won. HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN?!

The Ringers

I've been a ringer. Well... not a ringer, but stacking a team full of radio people for a music trivia contest? Yeah, I've been on that team. It's kind of fun to be on that team. Sucks going against that team. Sorry everybody.

Jerk At The Bar Who Yells The Answer Even Though He's Not Even Playing

OH YOU JUST THINK YOU'RE THE SMARTEST, FUNNIEST GUY IN THE WORLD, DON'T YOU!? There's a reason these guys last about two minutes before being shown the door.

Cheaters Using Their Phones

The MC may not see you. But I see you. I know what you're doing. You're going to burn in a very special level of hell, reserved for child molesters and people who talk in the theatre. Put your phone away.

Team With A Baby

Maybe not every night, but I frequent the weekly trivia enough to know that once, maybe twice a month, a team shows up, they couldn't get a sitter, so there's a baby. What's more, is the MC never, NEVER docks them a point for having an extra team member. I don't care that it's a baby. It's the seventh person. Dock 'em a point! I saw Baby Geniuses. That could be a baby genius! We don't know. Better safe than sorry.

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