What is Dr. Frankenstein's first name? Who was the killer in the original Friday the 13th? What town does Pennywise the Clown haunt in IT?

Know the answer to those questions? Then flex your horror knowledge at the Harrison HyVee Market Grille Express on Thursday October 25th with their monthly themed trivia night. You'll have to answer 21 tough questions through out the night be crowned the winner. I say tough, but that depends on how comfortable you are with horror. So if you've got the Scream movies playing on a loop, or have a shrine to Elvira Mistress of the Dark in your spare room, then really it should be quite easy for you.

Trivia night kicks off at 6:30pm, and you can come dressed in costume! There will be a costume contest and great prizes throughout the night. Make your reservations by calling 217-223-9373.

Victor Frankenstein, Pamela Voorhees, Derry Maine, by the way. Sorry HyVee trivia moderator if I stole three of your questions.

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