Earlier this morning, I said I'd probably dominate a Saved by the Bell trivia night, and possibly Star Trek. If I had to put a top 10 list of dream trivia nights together, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel would definitely be on there.

Harrison Hy-Vee, which has been crushing it with themed trivia nights recently, announced last night at the conclusion of Game of Thrones trivia that they'll be doing a Buffy the Vampire Slayer trivia night on August 2nd starting at 6:30pm. Much like the Game of Thrones night, there will be $1 per person entry fee, but at the end of the night all that money will go to a charity of the winning team's choosing.

So do you know the true nature of Dawn's existence? Who played demonic priest Caleb in season 7? What was the name of the evil law firm in Angel? If you can answer all of those questions with ease, this could be the trivia night for you.

Dawn was The Key to fighting demon Glory; Nathan Fillion was Caleb; Wolfram & Hart is the law firm.

Call 223-9373 now to make reservations. Seats fill up fast

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