Another April, another local Election, where Quincy voters will head out and pick the next mayor. Whether it's incumbent Kyle Moore, or challenger Jeff Van Camp, there are certainly many things to consider when filling out that ballot. But why should we let a pesky little thing like "they exist" be the only criteria for who runs? Why not vote in one of these fictional mayors from film and television to see how they could keep Quincy running for the next four years. And no, Mayor Larry Vaughn from Jaws is not on the list because he was more than willing to sacrifice the citizens to a killer shark. That guy was a terrible mayor.

Goldie Wilson

Goldie Wilson was running for re-election of Hill Valley in 1985, and sources state he became mayor in 1977. He was running on a platform of "more jobs, better education, bigger civic improvements, and lower taxes." Running for a 3rd term means people seem to like him, he's done well for the town. Sure you can point to the lackluster economy of the downtown district and the crumbling infrastructure in the Lyon Estates (where the McFlys live), BUT that's before Marty goes back and spurs the conversation of Goldie "cleaning up this town." When he returns to 1985, everything is better, and Goldie is still mayor. So he is definitely doing something right in this new, current 1985.

Footnote: We'd need a whole separate blog to get into the full scope of the time travel implications, to make no mention of the possible Bootstrap Paradox.

Diamond Joe Quimby

For all of Springfield's problems, it actually does seem like a good place to live and work. They've got professional sports. They've got concert venues. They have a great infrastructure. The school isn't half bad. Homer Simpson always seems to find work. Kennedy caricature Mayor "Diamond" Joe Quimby must be doing something right. Despite the possible corruption and immorality and complete lack of ethics. But hey, he keeps the town running and prosperous.

Adam West

Just like Diamond Joe, he gets the job done. In a ridiculous, round about way, and in spite of all his eccentricities. Since Family Guy is a clone of The Simpsons, just swap in Quahog for Springfield, and Peter Griffin for Homer Simpson, and you'll be good if you read the above thing about Quimby. Plus it's the added bonus of the original Batman.

Randal Winston

An eccentric man? Sure. But he's running one of the largest cities in the world, handling a just as eccentric staff, and he still cares deeply about everyone who works for him, and for every single citizen in his city. You just can't beat a man who has that level of compassion for the people.

Mayor Lenny Clotch

You know what earns Lenny a spot on this list? A willingness to seek the aid of trained professionals. Here he is trying to deal God knows what. There's never been anything like this before. He can't cite Mayoral precedent. Laguardia didn't have a portal to another dimension open up over skyscraper. No, he's got a FUBAR situation, all his top people, from the Police Commissioner to the Archbishop saying that they don't know what to make of it. But the Ghostbusters? They say they can fix it. Why not give them a shot? Why not give Lenny a shot?

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