Don't worry, I won't pepper this post with Tom Hanks GIFs like I did last time. It's straight up Sandy Bullock. Because she and I are close friends, so I can refer to her as Sandy. You guys still have to call her Sandra. Don't get too familiar. And much like I've made the switch from Tom Hanks to Sandy "The Goddess" Bullock, POPP'n On Maine has flipped the switch from fall flavors to holiday flavors. Let's take a look.

Like last time, I do have to note Cheddar, Cheesy Pizza, Movie (which has been temporarily renamed Jingle Bell Mix), and White Cheddar are all holdovers, as are caramel and kettle. They had a birthday cake, and I don't know the difference between that and Christmas cake. BUT look at those new flavors! That cheddar pretzel ale is 100% something I want to consume like this Sandra Bullock GIF. The red-hot cinnamon and sriracha should provide a fun kick of heat on those cold winter nights, and churro kettle sounds interesting.

And you're gonna want to speed over for some of those specialty flavors, like this Sandra Bullock GIF. If 'Moose Crunch' is anything like the peanut butter & chocolate moose tracks ice cream, I'm going to be as excited as this Sandra Bullock GIF. I don't know what "tuxedo" is, but I'm intrigued by the name alone. And I have it on good authority the Peppermint Swirl is delicious and will make you feel like this Sandra Bullock GIF.

They're carrying over the Salted Caramel from fall, and since that's my go-to fall flavor, I'm as happy as this Sandra Bullock GIF. The red velvet should be fun, and I definitely can't wait to dig into that Coco Christmas, because there's nothing better than Christmas time hot cocoa. It just tastes better, doesn't it? I can't wait to dig in so I'm feeling like this Sandra Bullock GIF.

These make excellent Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers, so you'll be leaving your office Christmas party like a gift-giving boss, much like this Sandra Bullock GIF.

Popp'n on Maine is located at 927 Maine St. Follow them on Facebook to stay up-to-date with all their possible menu changes.

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