I guess you expect major cities to have some rude people, but to have a whole city be known as one of the rudest in the nation is not something I'm sure a city wants to be known for.

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Recently, a new ranking came out of the top 50 rudest cities in America and Chicago comes in at number 4.  Business Insider came out with the list and puts Chicago right behind Washington D.C., L.A., and topping the list New York City.

How Did the Experst Come Up With The List?

They survey over 2.000 Americans (which I think is odd that you are compiling a list with just 2,000 people) to come up with the list. 18% of those surveyed chose Chicago as the rudest city, and it's not the first time the city has been on a "rude list."

According to the hometown newspaper, Chicago has been a rude city for decades.  A 1985 Chicago Tribune editorial said rudeness was "chronic, thoughtless, and utterly pervasive."

Missouri makes the list too, St. Louis came in at 30, and right behind is Kansas City at 32. As a person who visits both St. Louis (in my opinion) is not as bad as KC. In KC people forget how to be kind when driving and are just crazy wild on the highway, and yes, you have e the in STL but I feel as though it's not that bad.

Just remember to be kind to each other and show a little kindness every once in a while.

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