If two recent studies are to be believed, Illinois is one of the rudest states in America. Those of us that live in the tri-states know that this one should come with a very big disclaimer.

Don't get mad at me over this one. I disagree with these findings, and I'll explain in a little bit. First, let's allow them to present their cases.This study comes courtesy (ironic word choice?) of Zippia. They shared a map this year showing "the rudest states in the United States".


As you can see by their rankings, Illinois comes in at #9 among the rudest states. They gave 4 different measurements to justify their findings:

  • Percent of rude drivers
  • Average tip
  • Amount of cursing to customer service agents
  • How rude the rest of the country finds the state

Another study by YouGovAmerica more or less agrees with the Zippia ranking. They came up with a rudest states list according to the people that live there. It also shows Illinois near the bottom of politeness.

Let me now offer my rebuttal. Let's assume that the data they're sharing is accurate. I'll give them that. However, we all know there is a REALLY BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN UPSTATE ILLINOIS AND HERE in the tri-states. Yes, I put that in all-caps because it's vital to understand the difference in mentality and behavior between metro Chicago and west-central Illinois.

Ask anyone in the tri-state area who has ended up in a situation where they needed someone's help and I will almost guarantee they will tell you that someone in this area came to the rescue. It happens all the time and that is the story I'd prefer to share instead of big internet generalizations.

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