A travel website claims that Illinois is one of the top 5 "rudest" states in the country. The reasoning they have for the people of Illinois being rude is just weird... Needless to say, we disagree with the "experts"

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The travel website called thegetaway.com ranked the rudest states in the country, and to my surprise Illinois was on the list at number 5. The only states that the site claims are ruder than the Land of Lincoln are Nevada, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Maryland. So why exactly is Illinois considered one of the rudest states in the country? On the site they say...

"...Illinois has a long-standing disagreement between Cubs and White Socks fans, a debate that easily divides the state. The state is also known for its versatile weather, meaning residents have to do double the laundry to keep up with the unpredictable changes. Much of Illinois' rudeness may also come from a misinterpretation of their thorough love for the state. Illinois residents tend to be loyal, and if you have anything bad to say about their state, their response may come off as less than polite."

So...let me get this straight...We are rude here in Illinois because we have PRIDE in our state??? That makes no sense to me, I have lived in Illinois my entire 32 years on this planet, and I have lived in Chicago, in the suburbs, in a big college town, and now in rural west central Illinois, and I can honestly say I have NEVER had issues with people who are from Illinois being rude because of the Cubs vs Sox rivalry or our "pride" in the state.

In my experience, the people of Illinois are extremely kind and have a goal to prove to visitors of our state that we are good people and not crazy like our politics, or wild like our weather, or elitist like the east coasters, and we care, unlike the west coasters who couldn't care less about the rest of the country. I truly believe Illinois doesn't belong anywhere near the "rudest" states list let alone being near the top of it.

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