This unique bakery says they are "uncommonly good for the common good" and it is a must-stop for everyone who craves a great baked good! Here is the place Yelp says is the best bakery in the Show-Me State...

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According to a new list from the experts at Yelp, Union Loafers in St. Louis is the BEST bakery in the Show-Me State. Union Loafers, which is located in the Botanical Heights neighborhood of St. Louis, is more than just a bakery, it has a full menu that includes pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and more. What about Union Loafers makes it so special? On their site, they say...

"Union Loafers is a bread bakery and cafe located in the heart of botanical heights. We bake naturally leavened bread modeled on old world techniques. Join us during lunch for sandwiches, soups & salads or for dinner as we transform our bakery into a pizzeria serving wine & beer. Whatever brings you through our doors, you'll find simple, classic foods driven by quality and community."

If you want more information on Union Loafers, click here! And if you want to see Yelp's complete list of the best bakeries in each state, click here!

Did they get it right?

I will say that I have never been to Union Loafers and it is totally subjective to say one bakery is better than all others in the entire state of Missouri...BUT...Union Loafers looks awesome! It 1000% is in the running for best bakery, the menu alone puts it into the running. They sell breads like Marble Rye, Baguettes, and Sourdough, I can only imagine how good their garlic bread is that they serve as a starter on their dinner menu. I have not been to Union Loafers, but it is now at the top of my list of places to visit on my next trip down to St. Louis!

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