Get ready to laugh as one town in Missouri has decided to go toe-to-toe in a sign war battle over ice cream.

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A Marshall, Missouri Dairy Queen and McDonald's have started a sign war over ice cream and both are coming up with some creative signs. Some are really funny and I found myself laughing as I read them, and some might be a bit too harsh, but it's all for fun. According to McDonald's when they asked,

"Hey DQ! Do you wanna have a sign war?"

And as they say, the rest is history, that's all it took and the sign war was on. Even the local bank got into the war and mentioned having loans for broken ice cream machines. Of course, we all know the running joke with McDonald's that their ice cream machines are always down or broken.

The response DQ have McDonald's was,

"We would but we're 2 busy making ice cream."

McDonald's responded,

"That's cute our ice cream makes itself."

It went back and forth for a while, and other local businesses joined in including a business that sells watermelon.

"Who needs ice cream, we have watermelons."

The Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce shared pictures of the ongoing feud and has reached over one million views on Facebook.

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