This morning, Sam and I asked you for your favorite area restaurant to take a first date. Not that I needed advice, I had the first date like a month ago. Sam had hers with her husband like... 17 years ago. But out of curiosity, I wanted to some of your first date faves. And several got multiple votes.

I subsequently asked the KICK staff where they had their first dates with their current significant others. Mine was at The Abbey, Sam's was at Applebee's (which is weird, because they weren't doing Dollaritas back then), Michael's was at El Rancherito, and Ben's was at Lagondola.

Here were the top vote-getters, across Twitter, Facebook and the Text-Line.

1- The Abbey

The Abbey

I feel much better about this choice knowing it's the consensus best first date restaurant in town. It's got a vibe that says it's a nice place to dine, but relaxed enough so you don't have to worry about putting on airs. The Abbey finds the perfect middle ground.

2 - Tiramisu

Tiramisu has a fantastic menu and a wonderful drink selection. Can't be beat. And it has a good, intimate atmosphere so it just has that classic date night vibe.

3 - Sprouts

Confession time, I still haven't been to Sprouts in the two and half years I've lived in Quincy. I'm slacking. So I personally can't speak to the ambiance or food. But several of my coworkers love it, and if it got as many mentions as it did, it must be doing something right.

4 - On The Rail

A kind of newer place, compared to the rest of the entries. In it's current incarnation, anyway. Now in all honesty, this wouldn't have immediately jumped out at me as a first date place. I've always gone either for a work lunch, or with a group of friends. But when I read it in the comments, and thought about it, I said, "Yeah, I can see that."

5 - The Patio

Like the rest that got a significant amount of mentions, it all comes down to atmosphere. The Patio just has that great atmosphere, and darn good food.

Honorable Mentions: Gem City Pizza; Village Inn (with a BOGO coupon); Fuji; The Pier; Thai D'Lish; Kelly's

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