Some pro-gun experts are warning people that the Governor of Illinois will work to confiscate your guns in 2024, here is what you need to know...

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According to an article from The Center Square, pro-gun leaders are concerned that the leadership in Illinois will be coming to confiscate your guns. In an article on their site, they say...

"Guns Save Life Executive Director John Boch said there could be efforts on the horizon implemented to confiscate firearms that were registered following a mass casualty event...Part of Illinois’ gun ban enacted last year includes a registry of banned items. Before the Jan. 1 deadline to register, nearly 30,000 Illinsoians registered banned firearms with the state. That’s about 1.22% of the state’s 2.4 million Firearm Owners ID card holders."

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Will the state come for your guns?

I will say that I have talked to gun owners in this state who have not registered their guns because they are concerned about this very issue. This "registration" law was a debacle for the leaders in this state, less than 2% of the people with guns registered them...the citizens clearly and openly rebelled against the law in the state.

Will they come and confiscate your guns? My guess would be no, first off, the state only got 1.22% of guns registered, so they only have a small pool of guns to confiscate if what Director John Boch fears comes true. But, if you are worried that the state is coming for your guns I don't blame you, will laws like this eventually lead to them confiscating firearms from citizens who didn't commit any crimes with them...time will tell.

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