The state of Illinois said to assault weapon owners "You have to register your guns" and the people in the Land of Lincoln ignored the, what happens next? Here is what you can expect...

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According to the WICS,  a shockingly low number of gun owners actually registered their guns even though the state of Illinois required them to do it. In an article on WICS, they say...

"People who fail to register assault weapon could face felony charges. According to the Illinois State Police, over 29,000 residents have registered their assault weapons. That accounts for just over one-percent of all FOID card owners in Illinois."

The article also says that the Illinois State Police will not come after you if you are filling after the January 1st deadline, they just want citizens to comply and to keep people safe.

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CBS News also reported on this topic, and they say in an article on their site...

"As of last week, only 15,000 people completed the disclosures, according to Illinois State Police. There are nearly 2.5 million firearm owner's IDs in the state. However, it's unclear how many of those FOID holders own assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, or rapid-firing triggers."

Regardless of the exact number of people who actually registered it is CLEAR that the majority of the people who own guns in Illinois chose to ignore, rebel, or disregard, the state of Illinois law requiring assault weapon owners to register their weapons.

What will come of this? As of now, it appears the Illinois State Police are just going to continue to encourage people to register, I have yet to see what the exact "consequences" will be for people who own assault weapons in Illinois and didn't register.

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