In light of the recent mass shooting at the Super Bowl Parade in Kansas City, lawmakers are making changes to upcoming gun law bills. Here are the details you need to know...

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According to Daily Kos, there will be a delay on the proposed gun laws that lawmakers were hoping to pass in early 2024. This delay is tied directly to the mass shooting at the Super Bowl Parade in Kansas City last week. What makes this noteworthy is that the bills that lawmakers were hoping to pass were bills that would loosen up gun restrictions. The article in the Daily Kos, says...

"House Republicans would not be pursuing the two pieces of legislation this session. And while Patterson thought the bills were “worthy of debate,” the shooting really put a damper on their chances of passing and therefore, “[n]ow is not the appropriate time” to talk about loosening gun laws...HB 2291 and HB 1708...The first would have exempted sales tax on ammunition and gun purchases, making Missouri the first state in the union to tax food but not guns... The second law would have allowed firearms to be carried inside places of worship and on public transit."

The article goes on to mention how Missouri has one of the highest rates of gun deaths in the US.

Will these laws get passed?

Usually after a tragic shooting you see a push for stricter gun laws, so it is unique to be talking about a state that has bills loosing gun laws they hope to pass while also dealing with a mass shooting situation. I would have said these bills would pass with flying colors in Missouri if you asked me two weeks ago about them, but now lawmakers who want these bills passed will have a tougher fight to win the court of public opinion on these bills.

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