The new gun laws in Illinois are still being appealed and debated in court, but what isn't being debated is your need to register your current assault-style guns by 2024. Believe it or not, you may end up behind bars if you don't register them. Here are the details...

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According to WTTW, if you don't register your currently owned assault-style weapons you could end up behind bars. You have until January, 1st 2024 to get your currently owned assault-style guns registered, as a new law in Illinois is set to ban the purchase and sale of assault-style guns in Illinois in 2024 and beyond. So what exactly can happen to you IF you don't get your assault-style guns registered by 2024? On WTTW, they say...

"Those who owned the covered guns prior to the law can keep them but are required to register them with the state....Failure to file an endorsement affidavit is a Class A misdemeanor on the first offense. A second, or subsequent, violation of the registration requirement would be classified a Class 3 felony. As ISP puts it an FAQ web page, “persons who violate the endorsement affidavit requirements may be arrested and charged.”"

The article goes on to mention that since the registration period opened in October nearly 2,500 people in Illinois have registered their guns. But they estimate that there are many more people in the state that have yet to do so. For more information on this, click here!

This is a story that is still developing, including the fact that the new law banning these assault weapons was just challenged in Federal Appeals and it was upheld. The law may be on its way to the Supreme Court of the United States, to read more about the law being challenged in court, click here! 

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