Who would have thought a small town in Missouri with less than 5,000 people is more famous than St. Louis, Missouri.

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Ste. Genevieve has been named one of the 15 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2022 by the Smithsonian Magazine which begs the question why is the Smithsonian recognizing this small town? Well, it's not for its history of being founded by the French in the 1700s or the fact it has some of the French-colonial structures still up. Nope, it has everything to do with the discovery of dinosaur bones.

This small town is known to have discovered the duck-billed Parrosaurus MissourenisisThe dinosaur is said believed to be about 35-feet long and you can see it for yourself at the local Sainte Genevieve Museum Learning Center. The museum has a huge Hall of Giants where people can learn about dinosaurs, especially the ones that have been discovered in this small town.

The town has also been highlighted for its landmark ice cream shops which have a vintage fountain, a unique spice & tea store, and is the start of the Route du Vin Wine Trail. So many things to try and experience in this small town in Missouri.

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