Sleep is wonderful. We all enjoy it and we all need it, but when it comes to getting rest daily it looks like Missouri is doing a really good job.

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A new study just came out looking at the most sleep-deprived states in America, and Missouri ranks somewhat low on the list. Coming in at 33, Missouri is somewhat a least deprived state.

How Did These Experts Find Their Results?

Amerisleep analyzed data by examining 96 sleep-related search items on Google. They then took the average monthly search volume per 100,000 residents in each state. It doesn't surprise me that most of the sleep-deprived states are big cities and lease Midwest. Farmers are up early and in bed early to start the day so even though there might be some late nights with planting and harvesting, most of the time they are getting enough sleep.

Most Sleep-Deprived States?

Those would be New York (3), Maryland (2), and California (1) again all big states with major cities in them. The least are Idado (3), South Dakota (2), and Montana (1) I feel like not a lot of people live in those states. I could be wrong though.

Illinois ranks 12 on the list (thanks to Chicago and Springfield) and Iowa is way down at number 46. So, it looks like if you want to get your full eight hours of sleep (which I have not had since I had kids) you may want to move to Idaho, South Dakota, and Montana.

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