File this one under, "Oh gosh, that looks delicious I want it right now!" Unfortunately we have to wait until tomorrow for it. And tomorrow is SUPER far away. Like... a lot of hours.

Mark Twain Dinette - Chocolate Donut Shake
Mark Twain Dinette via Facebook

Mark Twain Dinette announced on Facebook late yesterday that they've got a brand new milkshake hitting the menu on Friday, and it's for adults only. Made with Public House Brewing Company's Giddy Goat Coffee Milk Stout beer and ice cream, that's enough to make me crave one, but then they added a glazed donut topper and it's literally the only thing I want for breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack.

And you read that right. This is hitting the menu. This isn't just a one off stunt recipe they're goofing around with. This is here to stay, depending on how it sells. And since I'll be making a trip down to Hannibal twice daily for one, I'm sure they'll be alright.

Let me check my calendar... aaaaaand... yep, tomorrow for lunch, I'm going down for a Chocolate Stout Donut Shake. A very special gift from me, to me.

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