Show of hands, who likes root beer? Oh, right, this is the internet, I can't see you. But your coworkers can see you with your hands raised, and now you're the weird one in the office. Anyway, root beer. Delicious, right? Especially the in house made Mark Twain Dinette root beer. It admittedly took me far too long to try it, and I still haven't had one of their boozy floats. But now I can bring some home, because the famous homemade root beer made famous by the Mark Twain Dinette (and their iconic mug-shaped rotating sign) is now available in glass bottle form!

Mark Twain Dinette
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You can now kick back on your porch or deck or wherever you kick pack and pop a top off a frosty cold bottle of Mark Twain Root Beer, just as Samuel Clemens intended. The root beer has been a restaurant staple since 1963, but will finally, after 55 long years, make its bottle debut this Saturday, August 25 at a special release party kicking off at 11:00 am. They’ll be selling them by the bottle, by the four-pack, or by the case (i.e. 24 bottles).

They’ll be offering deals throughout the day and even raffling off a case to one lucky attendee.

Until now, the only way to order a root beer to go was to order a gallon-sized bag of it or to go all in and buy it by the keg and rent a tap. Far be it from me to say no to a keg of something... But this just seems slightly more economical. And I can experiment with my own boozy float concoctions.

Mark Twain Dinette - Chocolate Donut Shake large
Mark Twain Dinette via Facebook

Founded in 1942, the Dinette is located at 400 North 3rd Street in downtown Hannibal.

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