OK, folks - it's time to get serious.

In this day and age, there is no shortage of subjects for "spirited debate," whether it's on social media, in the beauty shop, at the liar's table at the local diner or around the dinner table.

You know the sensitive subject list - right vs. left, all things COVID, Cardinals/Cubs (although Cub fans are kinda quiet these days), and especially, Missouri vs. Illinois.

But, there is one debate that has raged through the ages, and I see it as my duty to see if I can throw some gas on that fire.

Here goes - who has the best maid rites in the universe - Maid Rite in Quincy or the Mark Twain Dinette in Hannibal?

For the uneducated, the maid rite (if you live in Iowa, it's a loose meat sandwich, but who really cares what they call it?) is some combination of seasoned ground beef, pickles and onions - and, don't ever, EVER, call it a Sloppy Joe.

Maid Rite on North 12th in Quincy has become an institution, in business since 1928.

Quincy Maid Rite
Quincy Maid Rite


The Mark Twain Dinette on North 3rd in Hannibal has been a fixture in America's Hometown since 1942.

Mark Twain Dinette
Mark Twain Dinette

Yes, a check of Maid-Rite's corporate website shows both establishments as franchisees, so, you may ask, wouldn't the sandwich you get at either place be the same?

I believe I speak for everyone when I say that that kind of logical thinking has no place in this debate.

So, what say you? Who has the better Maid-Rite? Quincy or Hannibal?

I don't want to sway you one way or the other, but let's just say I prefer my maid-rite with a half-foot of onion rings and a frosty mug of root beer - just sayin'.

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