They say the best things in life are free. Now whomever “they” are probably had something a little more conceptual than Mark Twain Dinette root beer in mind when they came up with that ridiculous, and only sometimes accurate premise. But damn if it doesn’t fit this exact situation to a tee. Anyway, if high school algebra taught me one thing is that, transitively speaking (??), if the best things in life are free, and Mark Twain Dinette root beer is free, then Mark Twain Dinette root beer is, in fact, one of the best things in life. It’s simple math, really.

According to a recent Facebook post, the region’s most famous root beer will be free on February 23 and 24. This is great news by any definition, so don’t you people go ruining it by bringing in your Home Depot bucket and requesting a five-gallon refill. This isn’t free Slurpee day. There are rules.

The kind folks at Mark Twain Dinette will be serving up free frosty mugs of root beer (one per person) during normal business hours on Friday and Saturday. Their root beer has been made fresh in house since 1965 and they’ll even make you a delicious root beer float for just two bucks during this stretch.

Mark Twain Dinette is located at 400 N 3rd Street in Hannibal under the iconic rotating root beer mug.

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