A law could soon pass in Missouri that would allow for concealed carry to be more available in places like churches, do you think this is a good idea?

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According to an article from kansascity.com, there is a bill in the Missouri legislature that made it through the house and is moving on to the senate that would expand conceal carry in the Show-Me State. The new law would allow for people with concealed carry permits to carry their guns in public places like public transportation and houses of worship. In the article they say...

"Under the measure, concealed weapon permit holders could carry onto buses, though guns would remain prohibited on Amtrak trains. Concealed weapons would also be allowed into churches, synagogues and other places of worship, though religious leaders could post signs saying guns aren’t permitted and ask those with weapons to leave."

The article goes on to talk about how this law would also lower the age of concealed carry from 19 to 18 years of age, if you want to read more about this proposed new law in Missouri check out the full article by clicking here!

So the question remains is this a good idea or not? To be completely honest I don't have an answer for you, there is an argument to be made on both sides of the issue. One thing I will say that I like about this bill is that IF it passes it still gives the power to the places of worship to prevent guns from entering their property if that is what they so choose, I think that is an important thing to do for these places of worship.

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