It seems anything that was created, invented, or just simply tried happened at the 1094 World's Fair in St. Louis. However, this particular dessert that was brought to the fair is probably in your kitchen right now.

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The 1904 World's Fair brought the hamburger, the hot dog, iced tea, and cotton candy, but I think the most popular food item that was invented at the World Fair was the ice cream cone. Not ice cream, which was invented in China and then made popular in the 1850s when it was commercialized, but the ice cream cone was invented right here in the Show-Me state.

The St. Louis World's Fair is known for being a turning point for American Food. I am sure seeing all this new food at the fair was shocking to those who attended and probably didn't think that any of it would stay around, but the ice cream cone is now a popular food item in America. It all started with a simple idea and it took off.

 Ernest Hamwi, a Syrian-born waffle concessionaire, had a flash of inspiration when the ice cream vendor next to him ran out of glass serving dishes. Hamwi rolled up one of his thin waffles, scooped in some ice cream—and bam, invented the ice cream cone!

The ice cream cone is so popular that the Show-Me state officially declared it the state dessert in 2008. So, where are the best places to get a good ole fashioned ice cream cone?

So thank you Missouri for taking ice cream to the next level with the invention of the ice cream cone.

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