We just gave away the opportunity to be a zombie in an upcoming TV commercial, but if you weren't the lucky winner, or completely missed the boat on sending in your selfie, don't worry! You can still be a zombie. You just won't be featured, or have your zombie make-up professionally done. But still a zombie!

Poage Chrysler in Hannibal is in need of zombie extras to wander around the background of the of the ad, chasing the main zombies. Sooooo think of it like the Thriller video. You're still a zombie. You're still on camera. But you're the back-up dancer. The other zombies are Michael Jackson. And Brian from Poage is Vincent Price, I guess. If we're keeping the analogy going. HEY! Here's the video.

Due to the limited amount of time and resources, they need the background actors to provide their own costumes and make-up. If you've got some raggedy old clothes you can slap some fake blood on, then grime up your face to look positively undead, then head on out to Poage Chrysler Dodge Jeep on Saturday at 3pm to be in the commercial.

For more info, check out this Poage post on Facebook, or just head to Poage Chrysler this Saturday afternoon. Michael will be out there.

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