The CDC has an entire section of the website devoted to zombie preparedness. NASA runs "Giant Meteor" drills in the event of... well... a giant meteor. Even the state of Kansas has declared October to be Zombie Preparedness Month. Well, now the Illinois State House has officially declared the same. October is officially Zombie Preparedness Month in the Land of Lincoln. Even though we all know Lincoln hunted vampires, not zombies, according to this 100% historically accurate documentary I watched five years ago.

Zombie Preparedness

ANYWAY! The CDC, NASA and now The Prairie State have all tapped into the pop culture psyche of the populous in order to get us thinking about an otherwise unpleasant truth: Disasters happen. They can and do happen without warning, and they can be devastating. But that's why they've turned to apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, to get us thinking about Emergency Preparedness in a way that we can relate to, rather than as an abstract concept that may or may not happen sometime in the future.

Come October, we'll find out what we can do to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, or "Zompocalypse." Let's just hope nothing happens in the next eight months.

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